How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Band for your Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect wedding band to fit your engagement ring.

When it comes to wedding bling, everyone knows the engagement ring is the main focal point. But what about the wedding band? After all, it denotes your transition from engaged to married and will remain on your ring finger for the rest of your life. Therefore, care and consideration should be taken when choosing the one that is right for you. You have already picked out the perfect engagement ring — here’s how to choose the best wedding band to complement it!


Before beginning your pursuit of the perfect wedding band, be aware of the different types of engagement ring settings. This will help you understand how your wedding band will sit next to your engagement ring. You should decide if you would like the two rings to fit together without space or if you prefer a space between them. Your jeweler can also suggest great styles based on your tastes and your engagement ring.


Next, you should decide on a metal for your wedding band. Most people prefer to match the metal of their wedding band to that of their engagement ring, but it isn’t necessary! Mixing and matching can be a great way to add some individuality to your ring combination.


Your wedding band represents you and your partner’s unique and eternal love for each other. Thus, it should be whatever style you think is most beautiful. If you’re stuck on what wedding band to choose, though, certain styles match perfectly with specific engagement rings.

Curved Wedding Band

Pairs well with: Solitaire engagement rings

A curved wedding band frames and enhances the center diamond to make it appear bigger and brighter. To ensure a seamless fit between the engagement ring and wedding band, we recommend purchasing a band from your engagement ring designer or having one custom made.

Chevron Wedding Band

Pairs well with: Marquise and Pear cuts

A chevron wedding band is just as unique as your marquise and pear cut engagement ring. The pointed and versatile band will add a modern edge to your engagement ring.

Pavé Wedding Band

Pairs well with: Halo settings and three-stone engagement rings

For an extra pop of sparkle, a Pavé wedding band will perfectly complement engagement rings with many stones. Pavé styles ensure a classic look that will pair well with most types of rings if you’re feeling indecisive!

Twisted Wedding Band

Pairs well with: Oval cuts and plain bands

Some engagement rings have plain, ungarnished bands. While elegant on their own, a twisted wedding band can add visual detail to the plain band. When paired with an oval cut, the design showcases the gorgeous oval shape.

Channel-Set Wedding Band

Pairs well with: Simple engagement rings and channel settings

Similar to the twisted wedding band, channel-set wedding bands add some bling and depth to plain metal bands. For a continuous, blended look, a channel-set wedding band will pair perfectly with a channel-set engagement ring.

Flat Wedding Band

Pairs well with: Bezel settings

Utterly simple and elegant, an unembellished wedding band pairs beautifully with engagement rings with a bezel setting, as it can sit under the raised stone. This is perfect for a minimalistic look!

Baguette Wedding Band

Pairs well with: Emerald, princess, and Asscher cuts

The ultimate glam look! This band, completely encircled by gems, will add even more bling to your engagement ring. Choose a band consisting of baguettes that are the same shape as the primary stone on your engagement ring for the perfect pair.

Ring enhancer

Pairs well with: Everything!

If you really can’t decide on a wedding band, ring enhancers complement any and every engagement ring style! Its gaping style makes it appear as if you are wearing two wedding bands-one on each side of your ring. Ring enhancers can be found in all types of cuts and settings.

Again, your perfect wedding band depends on your unique style and story, so this guide is by no means final! We encourage you to be creative in picking your wedding band and engagement ring pair. Best wishes in all of your wedding planning!