The Different Styles of Engagement Rings & How to Choose the Perfect One

Choosing the Right Engagement Ring Style in Saint Louis.

If you’re in the market to purchase an engagement ring, congratulations! You are about to start an extremely happy and joyful time in your life. While it is exciting to plan an engagement, there are also many decisions to be made. Your first big choice is deciding what ring to get your bride-to-be. Engagement rings are intricate and have multiple traits that make each ring unique. Choosing an Engagement Ring can be overwhelming, so we created this basic guide on the different styles of rings and some tips on deciding which is best for you.

The Gemstone

One of the first decisions you must make when looking at engagement rings is to go with a classic diamond stone or with a less traditional gemstone. The most common of the non-traditional gems is a sapphire, which comes in the anticipated blue, but also other color variations like pink and yellow. If you think your bride will want something more unique or has a strong personal style, there are other options for gemstones. Diamonds and sapphires are safe, classical choices. In general, sapphires are less expensive than diamonds, but both are very hard gemstones, which means they will stand up to everyday wear and tear.


Choosing the right diamond shape for an Engagement Ring.

The shape refers to the way the diamond or gemstone is shaped when it is cut. The shape of the ring is where there are the most options and area for choice. There are 10 standard shapes for engagement rings.

S. Kashi & Sons 1 Ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring.


Round is the most common choice for engagement rings, with up to 75% of engagement rings having this cut. While it is a beautiful and classic option, this also means it is the most expensive.

S. Kashi 14K White Gold Princess Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.


This cut is the second most popular choice. Princess cut diamonds are cut into a square shape, which gives the ring many complex angles, allowing a ton of shine. Because of the cut, princess, as well as round cuts, give the most sparkle.

S. Kashi Gold Cushion-Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.


The cushion cut is another relatively popular option for engagement rings. This style falls between a round and a square, giving an elegant, rectangular shape. The rounded corners give you the classic circular look with a more unique twist.

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.


If you love the princess cut, but it is a bit too dramatic for your taste, another square choice is the asscher cut. The thick cut and stepped sides give the stone a very dramatic, art deco feel. It is perfect for someone wanting a more modern, unique look.

S. Kashi 14K White Gold Oval Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.


Another modern choice that is on the rise is the oval cut. The oval is an alternative to the round if you’re looking for a more personalized choice. The cut appears larger than others and also is extremely flattering on the hand, as it gives a look of very slender fingers.

S. Kashi 14K Yellow Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.


The Emerald is not as popular of a choice today, but has been in the past. It doesn’t have the same shine or sparkle, but it is a great choice for someone wanting a modern, art deco look. The long facets down the sides and the flat top also give a stylish look.

S. Kashi 14K Rose Gold Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.


While the radiant cut is somewhat new and less popular, it gives a very sophisticated appearance. The radiant cut gives the sparkles and shine of a round-cut, while also having the shape of the emerald cut.

Kattan White Gold Classic Pink Enhanced Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring.

Heart, Pear, and Marquise

These three styles are less common, but are the most distinctive and unique. The marquise cut seen above is very dramatic, with a shape similar to the oval, but with striking pointed ends. The pear shape, also often referred to as the teardrop, is common for vintage stones. It can be shortened or elongated from its originally shape for a variety of styles. Lastly, there is the heart, which is exactly what it sounds like- the shape of a heart.

Choosing a Metal

Once you’ve chosen the gemstone and the shape of the ring, you also must decide what metal you want the actual ring to be. The main choices are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. While platinum and white gold are the most common options, it is important to think about which metals your bride-to-be wears the most or if they even care to wear the same metals. Platinum and white gold are visually very similar, but platinum is more expensive and more durable. White gold will start to show it’s true gold color over time, but can be re-dipped to return to it’s white color.

Custom or Antique

While most customers will buy an engagement ring from a  jewelry store collection, there are also other options for purchasing your ring. If your future spouse has a unique personal style or loves vintage items, look into buying an antique ring! These rings often have interesting meaning or historical backgrounds.

If you want a one-of-a-kind ring or are passionate about design, creating a custom ring is for you. We give our customers the ability to custom design every aspect of their engagement ring. Working directly with our jewelry designer, we will help you design the perfect engagement ring.

Overall, there are many aspects that go into choosing a ring. At the end of the day, just think about your future fiancée and their tastes. While there are thousands of options, we would be happy to help you find the perfect ring that fits their style and wishes flawlessly. Contact us to set up an appointment today!