COVID-19 Update

The county stay at home order has been lifted and I'm happy to announce we will be returning to our regular hours at of May 18. The county is asking us to encourage all customers coming into our store to wear face masks. We do feel this is important for our safety and yours. If you don't have a mask or forget to bring one we will provide you with a single use mask.

To make our customers feel more comfortable and safe we will be offering more appointment only times available. We have a separate space in the store set up to give you more peace of mind. To make an appointment please call or email us at

Jewelry Care

Caring for your white gold jewelry.

Why Does White Gold Turn Yellow? And How Do I Keep it White?

Have you ever looked down at your hand and noticed that your ring or bracelet seems to be turning yellow? If you have white gold jewelry, this could be very confusing (and upsetting!) since you probably spent good money to have this quality of metal! Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how their jewelry works and some stores do a …

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